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Diorama Restaurant: Closed on Wednesdays
Cat Hotel: Open all year round

About same-day reservations
If there are seats available on the day,

Reservations are also accepted by phone only.

Please feel free to contact us.

We will keep you updated on the availability of seats on the day on Twitter, so

please confirm.

TEL 06-6776-2460

We look forward to your visit .

Check social media for the latest information

For information on the first-class animal handling business registration, please click here

Reservations are required for the Diorama Restaurant. Please make sure to make a reservation.

Working days

Working Days

Diorama Restaurant is open in three shifts, each lasting two hours.
This is for lunch time, tea time and dinner time.
There is no difference in the service content except for the different meals served each time.


The Diorama Cafeteria is open in three parts, "Lunch Time", "Tea Time" and "Dinner Time", but Dinner Time is only open on Friday and Saturday. (before Sunday and before holiday)
Every part has different food menu but each service is the same service.

Many cancellations occur on the day without notice, and reservations must be paid in advance. We cannot offer refunds. We would appreciate your kind understanding.

How to Order

How to order

Welcome to Diorama Restaurant
We introduce to enjoying this restaurant.


How to order
1.Please pay in advance the usage fee.

2.After that, please choose one from the Lunch Menu.

(You can order with the menu of ①-⑥.)

Tea Time (3:00PM~)

We provide tea time from 3:00 PM

You can choose a cake and drink from the menu of 1-6.



"Gacha Gacha Machines"

Installed since October! Cat's goods are in those machines.

There are original goods of this restaurant.

You can get those for ¥300-¥500. Please try to complete😊

YouTube channel

We post cat's life here, sometimes starting LIVE.

Please subscribe to notice for LIVE and Posting.

You can check everywhere cats are getting on.


Regarding the parvovirus outbreak at our company

Regarding the background to this,

Please see the link below.

History and current status of feline parvovirus infection at our facility

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