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Diorama Shokudo started out as a railroad ramen restaurant in 2005.

While we have changed into various formats in various locations, we have continued to focus on the appeal of dioramas. This is a simple timeline, but we have prepared it to help you get to know us, "Diorama Shokudo," a little better.

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Year 2005
"Tetsudo Ramen" opens in Daido, Tennoji Ward, Osaka.

Opened the diorama bar "Koi Doro (Retro)" in Kitashinchi

Opened the iron cafe "Retro" in Fukai, Sakai City
Responsible for the construction, operation and public relations of the Sagano Scenic Railway.
The business model of "Tetsudo Ramen" has been changed to "Tetsudo Cafe".

The after-school program and the railway hall were opened in Hamaguchi, Suminoe Ward.

The Gakudo and Railway Hall are relocated under the Tennoji elevated railway tracks.

Moved to current location in 2018. Changed name of "Railway Hall" to "Diorama Shokudo".
2020: Rescue a dying kitten and its family.
2021: Opening of cat hotel "Geoshoku"

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The "Diorama Restaurant" diorama was painstakingly created by a diorama craftsman.
Now it has become a daily routine for the cats to destroy it and then rebuild it, so it has become a diorama that is constantly changing.
We will now take a closer look at the dioramas, the main attraction of Diorama Shokudo.

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History of Diorama Restaurant

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