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There is a life that can be saved with your help


Since accepting the Sarah family at the diorama cafeteria in June 2020, we would like to thank many people for their miraculous connection and support for the protection cat activities of the diorama cafeteria.

Thanks to you, we were able to operate the protected cat facility, which was our long-sought goal, from October 2021. Currently, we are carrying out protected cat activities as much as possible in cooperation with local governments so that we can contribute to zero culling.

However, some protected cats have serious illnesses and injuries. In addition, a lot of support is needed for cats to live safely and healthily without any inconvenience , such as daily inspections, medicines, meals and tray sand.

If anyone agrees with the activities of the diorama restaurant's protected cats, we can support them by the following methods, and we would be grateful if you could cooperate.





​Bank transfer

​credit card

​Goods support

​Sending goods

Financial institution name

Branch name

Branch number

Account number

Account holder

PayPay Bank

Business Sales Department



Tomoiki with a limited liability company

Please purchase Sararena Foundation goods from the diorama cafeteria online shop.

I have published a wish list of Amazon

​Delivery address

〒519-0603   三重県伊勢市二見町三津1201-1

伊勢忍者キングダム ジオラマ食堂

電話番号 0596-63-5882

2-5-16 Terada-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 543-0045

Diorama restaurant

電話番号 06-6796-7212 または  06-6776-2460

Crowdfunding Thank you for your support


Report on the current situation

The Diorama Shokudo has begun to solicit support from cloud founding to provide a better environment for the Sara family and other families, and to create accommodations exclusively for cats.

And on August 1st, the first recruitment was completed.

Thank you very much for your support.
I'm really, really, thankful, and I will continue to work hard on conservation activities and accommodation facilities, and utilize the funds I have entrusted to me.

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