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Diorama restaurant terms of use

Precautions regarding basic use in the store

・ One ticket will stay for 120 minutes.

・ The travel time to each floor is included in the service provision time.

・ Our staff will guide you when you move to each floor, so be sure to move

Follow the instructions.

・ Be sure to use socks on the 2nd and 1st floors as you cannot use them with bare feet.

Please wear and enter.

・ You can enter the diorama's eating and drinking floor with your shoes on, but at the entrance

Please rub your shoes well with an antibacterial mat before entering the store.

・ Our staff will bring the food and drinks that come with the ticket to your table.

Let's eat.

Precautions regarding cats

・ Cats may scratch you and injure you.

・ For injuries, we will take first aid measures such as disinfection and hemostasis.

No compensation will be given for any subsequent allergic symptoms or injuries. Measures for injury and illness

For location, in advance for your understanding, Kedah again for your use.

・ Cats also have emotions, so they often get sick. So

In that case, please do not touch it forcibly.

・ If you have a cat allergy, please do not enter the store. Allergic reaction

We cannot take any responsibility even if an injury or illness occurs due to this.

・ You are free to shoot inside the store, but since the cat is surprised, you can use the flash when shooting.

Will not come.

Snacks and food and drinks are prohibited in consideration of the safety of cats.

We are not responsible for any stains or damage to your clothes caused by the rough appearance of cats .

First-aid measures is done, but the guarantee of such cleaning can not be performed.

Precautions when using children

・ Cats are not very good at being chased in a loud voice when coexisting with humans.

Su. Cats are afraid even if the movements of small children are not malicious, so please keep it.

As long as the people of Mamorusha that can also be careful can you like, thank you for your cooperation

I will.

・ Children can only enter the store during tea time.

・ Children under elementary school age will be charged half the price.

・ Please fill in this agreement on behalf of your parents.

About measures against violations

If you violate the terms, you will be asked to leave the store immediately and you will not be able to use our store thereafter.

・ If you violate the rules and cause property damage or harm to cats, we will claim the damage.

If you discover an act that impairs safety or bring in dangerous materials such as cutlery in the store

 The store will be closed immediately. In the unlikely event that you have something that is subject to dangerous goods, you will receive it.

Please leave it to the staff at the time of attachment.

・ The staff may confirm any suspicious activity. Be sure to give instructions

Please follow. If you do not comply, you will be subject to closure.

・ If you leave the store due to a violation, we do not guarantee any refunds.

About measures for corona measures

・ Be sure to wear a mask except when eating or drinking.

・ Avoid talking loudly in the store and avoiding close contact between humans.

・ Be sure to disinfect your hands when entering the store.

・ If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher when you enter the store, you cannot enter the store.

・ In the unlikely event that a cluster occurs in the store, our store will not take any responsibility.

Precautions when entering the store

・ Because you will be given a consent form for this agreement before entering the store, you will need to fill in your signature (self-signed).

If you do not sign the consent form, you will not be allowed to enter the store.

・ It will be canceled 15 minutes after the reservation time.

・ If you cancel without contact, you will not be able to make a reservation from the next time onward.
Please be sure to contact us in case of delay or cancellation.

April 1, 2021Enactment

Diorama restaurant

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