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Encounter with a dying baby cat

Next to the diorama restaurant, there is a group-run nursery school and daycare center.
On the morning of June 10, 2020, someone was put in a cardboard box at the front door of a nursery school, leaving behind a dying red cat. The next morning, on the morning of the 11th, a nursery teacher brought it to "I", who is the owner of the cat, saying, "I took the dying red cat home and brought it back to life!" It was a lovely and precious life that it fits in the palm of your hand. The day when the nursery teacher brought that little life was just when I felt that it was almost impossible mentally due to the influence of the corona vortex from March to the end of May due to the lack of funds in earnest. It was a story. (The previous day's tan will be posted separately.)

For the time being, after showing the baby cat to the child (at the children's facility on the second floor of the same building), I took him home that night. When I told my family about the situation, my daughter immediately decided to "keep it." First of all, the protection of blind baby cats has begun.


Find a kitten, mom cat

After a while, in the latter half of June, when it became even hotter, customers stopped coming to the cafeteria due to the self-restraint of Corona.
The diorama dining room became a family dining room, partly because the parents of the children helped manage the facility, and the driver of the child pick-up service who finished work early after 6 pm every day. It was a place to eat with parents and parents. Cats with scary eyes of Kijitora began to appear there every day. I quickly realized that I was looking for my baby cat by looking closely at the indoor diorama through the glass from the top of the long table on which the container containing the disinfectant was placed. Mother cats come every day, so talk to Takashi Yamamoto, the manager of the diorama cafeteria, and put the surplus ingredients in a plastic container with the food in the refrigerator such as fish and the meal prepared for the children's facility and give it to the mother cat. It came to be.

However, even when I talked to my mother cat, she only said the menacing "Shah!", So she seemed to be very cautious of humans. When I looked it up later, it lasted more than a month from the day I protected my first baby cat.


Meet the kitten brother.

And the fateful day has come. A child in the nursery reported to me that "a cat is drinking boobs in the next building!", So I went to see it together with the teachers in the nursery.

(What happened after that?) Then, in the heavy rain that night, I found Kijitora and Kijitora, and a white-white Buchi kitten and mother cat playing under a car parked in front of the cafeteria. It's gone. Therefore, I decided not to move the car for a while since this day. Then, I asked Mr. Y of Duskin, who is always indebted, to prepare an antibacterial mat and have the cats evacuate there. (I want an episode after this)


Are you sure you want to protect it?


Around 9 pm on July 13th, a sudden offer will shake the fate of us and the cat's family. I received an offer from a stranger, Mr. Ueda, who is working as a protected cat, saying, "Are you sure you want to protect these cats? We will recruit foster parents to pick them up."
A word of surprise that all the staff fall into "silence".
Keep this newborn baby and mother apart? Even for free, I was in the midst of feelings that I couldn't finish in my days full of sad news such as the increasing number of deaths due to the corona wreck and the news of celebrities. The act was unexpectedly painful.
"The day of farewell will come in front of me ..." An unexpected word shook my heart.

However, the management of the group, which was in a difficult situation due to the corona wreck, was in a very difficult financial situation. In reality, even cats can't afford it. Therefore, I told Mr. Ueda that I could not give an answer immediately and asked him to "wait for a week."

Cat family protection

One month later, at midnight on July 22, I succeeded in protecting my mother's cat.
At Mr. Ueda's suggestion, he was taken to the hospital for contraceptive surgery, and his mother decided to pick him up in the middle of the night of the next day.
After that, Mr. Ueda continued to protect the kittens from 12:00 pm to 5:00 am on the same day when he protected his mother cat, and protected the two kittens at 5:00 am the next day.
These are Leo and Nara.
And on the 24th, Laia after Kijitora, who had escaped to the end, was finally protected.


To the cats cafeteria


Sarah was in the cage after contraception around this time. After spending six days at Mr. Ueda's home, the kittens finally welcomed them to the diorama cafeteria.
When I visited Mr. Ueda's house to pick it up, the three kittens became beautiful and stared at me.
However, I remember that even after 6 days, my eyes were still scared.
For me personally, it was a time when financial institutions and supporters were constantly contacting (prompting) for cash flow. In such a feeling, I felt something when I saw the kittens playing innocently, but I don't remember in detail. I was so exhausted.
However, I remember thinking "let's go back to my mother" at once.
It was a moment when the pure desire to "take me" to the diorama cafeteria next to my mother, who was approaching the kittens a little earlier than the kittens, a little springed up in my withered heart.

Sarah's mom's anger and fear

Let's go back a little time. It was the day when Sarah's mother was protected and welcomed into the diorama cafeteria.
In the diorama cafeteria, in the back of the large store just after entering, there is a room with the "electric line diorama" made during Golden Week, a month before meeting the cat family.
There was a little space here, so I managed to put two cages and try to move the previously protected Sarah mom to the cage.
However, at that time, Sarah's mother was at the timing when Inoue of the Conservation Cat Association temporarily protected her at the hospital for castration surgery and immediately after that she came to the diorama cafeteria.
For the past few days, when Sarah's mother had nothing but fear, her feelings were full of anger and fear. Sarah's mother threatens to be "Shah Shah" so much that she thinks it's such a scary thing, and there is no island that can be approached by waving a long hand from inside the cage.
After that, I learned every day on YouTube how to get along with stray cats. However, even if I tried the information I got to get along, I couldn't grasp that feeling, and my hands were just bloody. This will continue after this.


Unfamiliar Sarah mom

In August, a gentle and gentle "I-kun" entered the store as a new staff member.
By this time, the kittens have become a little more accustomed to us than Sarah's mom. But Sarah's mom hasn't changed, and I've been bloody many times, and I've left him to take care of the cat.
He even began to ponder, "If I don't get used to it anymore, should I leave my family outdoors again?"
"I-kun" took good care of the cats, but Sarah's mother wasn't used to it at all. It was disappointing and regrettable to see him taking care of him even with double work gloves and rubber gloves.


Kitten park

One day, as the daily life of corona with a feeling of obstruction continued, at least the cat children became enthusiastic about getting them out of the cage first.
After the cafeteria was closed, I opened the cage door so that I could play in the back room.
One morning after I started doing so, when I came to work, there were no kittens in the cage in the back room! There was a cat straddling the diorama railroad track. It was as if all three kittens were playing well in the park. To some extent, I was able to get the kittens out of the fenced cage and deliver a free space. However, although it is possible to avoid the risk of accidents outdoors, it is certain that it is more inconvenient than the stray cat life because it is inside the building. It was a little complicated, but he said, "If you live here, I will try to be a cat uncle and live with peace of mind." What I think now is that these children were so healed.


YouTube is a debriefing session


There was a YouTube channel in the diorama cafeteria that uploaded the diorama video from before. However, both playback and followers. That number was not praised.
Meanwhile, the children in the nursery school and daycare center were concerned about the protected cat family. Of course, not only the children but also the parents were worried about "afterwards."
However, it was also a difficult time to always meet "please". So I thought, "Let's upload the report to YouTube instead."
It was a so-called video making for reporting to relatives.
I thought the count wouldn't be different from previous diorama videos, and I wouldn't advertise it.
Of course, I had a faint expectation that it would lead to the promotion of the diorama restaurant, but I didn't expect too much from it.

Buzz Twitter?

Until some time, it was irregular to upload videos of cats. However, from that time on, I couldn't get it from the diorama videos alone, such as "I can't get out of my house because of corona sickness", "I'm sick and I'm at home but healed by watching the video", and "The cancer marker has dropped". Comments will be scattered. It was encouraging to say that there were people watching it, and I decided to give it every day if you would be pleased with this video.
And, by linking with your Twitter account, it will be a fateful day for more than a month to continue posting such posts. A tweet promoting the video "Good boys can't enter the railroad tracks" uploaded on September 11 has 3,000 retweets with more than 100 citations and 7,000 likes, a number never seen before. Count. After this, every time you upload a video, your followers and likes will continue to increase.
Why did you buzz?
I do not know. Did you put English in the body of the tweet? I can only think of such a thing, and I still don't understand.


Coverage request begins


Since then, the number of accesses has continued to increase, and it has become a recommended video on Facebook, creating a synergistic effect. However, numerically speaking, it is still a count. I didn't get the usual tens of thousands of views. Meanwhile, Mr. Hiramatsu, a daily sports reporter from Fukuoka Prefecture, called me for an interview and wrote an article on October 20th. This was the first appearance in the media, and the following month, it will appear in the news of the NHK Osaka branch office.
By posting this reporter on Daily Sports, the state of the diorama cafeteria is exposed toward the end of the year when other web news, overseas news, and national news, and the corona's violence will start again. I came to do it. As the anxiety factor reignited, the cat's family gave us hope to attract customers. It was a word of "thank you" to us who were exhausted by corona and various problems.

Sarah mom in the cage

As for Sarah's mother, if I go back a little time, even in September, my dislike for people did not change. From the time I first protected it to September, I consulted with my old acquaintance, Mr. Mishima, who loves cats, and my daughter found various information on the Internet and tried to shorten the distance by repeating trial and error. I also tried to get along with the famous jelly-like "things" called "cat snacks". However, just the moment I ate it, I was threatened with "Shah" when I finished eating.
This continued even after October, and it became a new anxiety factor that I might be lacking in exercise if I did not take it out of the cage as it is.
Cats grow up to about 18 years of age in the first year of life and are human 6
He seems to have intelligence about the age of. In the second year, the human age will be 6 years old, and in the full 2 years, the human age will be 24 years old, and then 3 to 4 years old each year. That means Sarah's mother has been a stray cat for two and a half years, so she's 28 years old! At this rate, beautiful proportions will be lost, and obesity will cause major illness in both humans and cats. Therefore, I will make a big decision.
On November 27th, I opened the door of Sarah's mother's cage.


Live together


I released Sarah's mom, but that didn't change her hardships.
Then, toward the end of this year, the request for coverage accelerated, and we received a request from a program called "Mofumofu Mofumofu" by NHK, and shooting started. At this point, I have come to understand that it is a phenomenon beyond our imagination. The access, followers, and views of each SNS are incomparable to those before the cats appeared. Even though I was worried about the corona, I was able to wait outside. Freedom may have been lost for the cat family, but only a safe place could have been provided. It may be premature to call this situation a cat's gratitude, but we were saved by this family. Then, at the beginning of the year, I decided to stay at the store to become a "family" with them. I was really prepared to "live together".

Open the door

You may not be prepared. I just got into the life of this family. From the perspective of cats, we now know that the sense of distance was important. I prepared a simple bed and started to stay with him all the time, and finally Sarah's mother admitted that it was not dangerous. After more than half a year, I was able to get her recognition.
Certainly "the door has been opened".
It was "this family" who opened the closed heart that even thought "I want to end everything" in a difficult business situation, not in a cage.
At first, I didn't like cats very much.
However, the doors they opened made a surprising difference for themselves.
If this is a repayment for saving the kitten, then there is a surplus repayment.
"We" need to return the surplus.
This family and we decided to "live together" and start a new repayment. It continues with the story of opening the next door.

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