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Corona measures in the diorama restaurant

Corona measures in the diorama restaurant

With ozone generator and zinc oxide

We are taking thorough measures.

What is an ozone generator?


The ozone generator is an advanced sterilization device that is installed in ambulances at 90% or more and is used to create a sterile and sterile space in the operating room. The ability to create aseptic conditions in an environment with a high risk of infection demonstrates sterilization performance that is far inferior to the generally known hypochlorous acid and chlorine dioxide.
The Diorama restaurant has introduced Declean (BT-180) made by Tamura Teco.

Antibacterial and antiviral measures with zinc oxide


Zinc oxide uses Will Shooter manufactured and sold by Shiga Dry Wizards Co., Ltd. Zinc oxide is said to be harmless to the human body compared to alcohol, chlorine dioxide, and hypochlorous acid, and the information is also published on the manufacturer's website.
​ Zinc is a nutrient contained in oysters that humans tend to lack, and is a type of iron. Since it is a mineral, it has a heavy specific gravity in the air, so it is easy to fall off, and it is easy to settle on tables and walls, and the antibacterial and antiviral ability of sterilization lasts for a long time even after fixing.
Alcohol causes rough hands only when sprayed. Chlorine dioxide has a high bactericidal ability, but maintaining strong oxidizing performance is not long-lasting, and gels or diliques to delay the oxidizing action.
Hypochlorous acid has a stronger chlorine odor than chlorine dioxide and is often offensive.
​ For more reasons, we consider customers and cat families and use zinc oxide, which has less effect on the human body, as a countermeasure against corona.

​Advanced corona measures

We are proud that the combined use of two types of ozone and zinc oxide is a corona countermeasure with a product with fairly high performance.
In between each business schedule, we carry out thorough sterilization work when cleaning. In addition, by continuing to generate ozone, we are able to remove not only corona countermeasures but also animal odors.
​ We look forward to welcoming you to our store in the best possible condition so that all our customers can feel at ease.

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