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~How to spend cafes time~


①Please change into slippers.
 Shoes are fine on the spot.
Travel bags and large backpacks can be left at the entrance.

② Disinfect your hands and feet with non-alcoholic alcohol.

③Double doors are manual.

Once you enter, close the glass door, then open the door inside

and show your name and reservation at the counter on the right.

④Once inside, please sit in your designated seat.
If it is quite cramped, you may be asked to use the table seats at Mirai,

the cat clinic next door, and then move to the diorama room later.


⑤Please feel free to leave your seat and enjoy free time to take pictures of the cats playing on the train or sleeping on the diorama after you have finished eating.

⑥After spending a while, you can freely go in and out of the cat house call center Mirai and the diorama room.

Please keep your slippers on until you leave.
At the cat house call center, Mirai also enters the room wearing those slippers.

⑦When you leave, you will receive a diorama restaurant card as a gift.
There will also be a souvenir corner at the entrance of the future cat clinic.
The diorama room has a gacha gacha prize, so please be sure to purchase it.


The explanation is long, but that's it.

We will be happy to assist you at any time to ensure that you have a comfortable time in our store.

Please enjoy your time at the diorama restaurant.

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