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Announcement from Diorama Restaurant

From April 20, 2024, the rate will be unified to 2,500 yen for 2 hours.
The price will be 2,500 yen per seat, and children's fares will be abolished.
Children under 3 years old will be admitted free of charge.
In addition, starting May 7th, the Diorama Restaurant will change its admission price from 2,500 yen for two hours to 2,800 yen.

In addition, the lunch menu will change on May 6th.

Diorama Restaurant is a place where customers can meet rescued cats.

All customers at our restaurant have the right to enter as foster parents.
If you see one you like, please let the staff know.

We look forward to your continued support of Diorama Shokudo.

Diorama Restaurant

Diorama Diner is a meeting place for customers and shelter cats.
All customers have the right to enter foster homes.
If you find one you like, please ask our staff for help.
Today, you will spend your time in the diorama room and the shelter for cats next door.
The price will be unified to 2,500 yen for 2 hours from April 20, 2024.

The lunch menu will be changed on May 6.

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