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衛生への取り組み 当社では、衛生管理計画、感染症対策計画を策定し、ルールや手順の遵守を徹底しています。

・主な対策は以下の通り。 皆様に安心してご利用いただけるお店を目指しております。




・空気除菌脱臭装置 GREEN-MATEを導入し24時間稼働しております。

・浄水フィルター付き掃除機を使用する 清掃中の大気汚染を軽減する DELPHIN


・床や設備の清掃 レストラン内を高圧洗浄機で洗浄



Diorama Restaurant Instructionas

Thank you for coming over The Diorama Restaurant.
We would like to inform you 
about the initiatives of
Diorama Restaurant (Osaka) and
how to enter the store as follows. ​

How to enter The Diorama restaurant.   
Please show your booking Email or booking 
We check as you have made the payment in advance. 

Shoes are strictly prohibited on all floors.
Guests will be required to wear disinfected slippers inside Restaurant.

Please come wearing socks.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Our hygiene initiatives        


We have established a hygiene management plan and an infectious disease control plan, and are ensuring strict compliance with rules and procedures.


・The main measures are as follows.

  We aim to be a store that everyone can use with peace of mind.


・Antic Virkon diluted solution (disinfectant) is sprayed on all floors of our  restaurant every day.


・A water-type air purifier Crystal Ion was installed and operates 24 hours a day.

Installed ozone air purifier Declean and operates 24 hours a day.


・Air sterilization and deodorization device

 GREEN-MATE has been installed and operates 24 hours a day.


・Use the water filter vacuum cleaner

 DELPHIN to reduce air pollution during cleaning


・Disinfect various areas with Bio Will Clear spray from time to time


・Cleaning the floors and equipment

 inside the Restaurant using a high-pressure washer


・Atom House Paint water-based natural colors were used for the diorama.

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